It is fundamental that an orderly school has clearly defined behaviors to which students must conform. Non-conformity to these behaviors becomes violations of the code of student conduct. Violations are grouped into three classes (Class I, Class II, and Class III), which range from the least to the most serious.   These violations and disciplinary actions are detailed in the Opp City Schools Code of Conduct. All students are given a copy at the beginning of the school year. Documentation is on file in the office indicating students and parents are aware of all procedures. Appropriate school personnel shall investigate, verify, and take the necessary action to resolve student misconduct. After determining a violation and the classification of the violation, the principal or designee should implement the appropriate sanction. Violations apply to student conduct on a school campus, at school-related events, or while being transported to or from school or school-related events. Inappropriate behavior could result in the denial of privileges, assembly programs and special events.



In accordance with Alabama law and Opp City School Board Policies, corporal punishment may be administered. Corporal punishment will be administered in the principal's office with a witness and a record will be kept.


Students may be required to remain after the regular hours of school for the purpose of individual conferences, make-up work or for disciplinary reasons. Students will have one day prior to staying in to notify their parents that they must stay in the following day. However, students may stay in that day if they choose and parental contact can be made. Detention may consist of various assigned work details.

Students may be required to spend their daily break time with a teacher or principal for any of the same reasons of a non-violent nature as stated above.



A mandatory assignment by administrators to allow students to make up work missed due to his or her disciplinary infraction.