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Opp Middle School Faculty and Staff


Sharon Spurlin                                  Principal
Alicia Kroher                                    Assistant Principal

Alex Ann Ballard                                 Special Education
Kay Bellino                                        6th Reading/Social Studies
Jessica Boutwell                                  Physical Education
Chasity Dee                                       8th Math/Algebra
Chris Dickey                                       8th Career Preparedness
Sterling Driver                                     7th Science
John Donaldson                                  8th Social Studies
Renee Donaldson                                6th Math/Social Studies
Jeanne Hall                                        Clerical Aide
Laken Harris                                      8th English
Delisha Hightower                               Instructional Support
April Hodge                                        6th LA/Social Studies
Lisa Holloway                                      Special Education

Amy Jackson                                      Special Education

Katie Johnson                                     Librarian

Sara Jones                                          Aide

Amanda King                                      Special Education
Daryl King                                           PE Assistant
Sally Lunsford                                     5th Math/Social Studies
Christina Marcotte                                Enrichment
Kristi Meeks                                        Guidance Counselor
Jane Miller                                          Bookkeeper/Secretary

Robbi Ross                                         Physical Education

Renee Patterson                                 Aide
Karin Pierce                                       6th Science/Social Studies
AC Riley                                            Special Ed Aide
LaShawn Russell                                 5th Reading/Social Studies
Angie Stephens                                  7th Language Arts
Paige Strickland                                  8th Science
Tracy Thompson                                 Nurse
Dimetrio Tyson                                   7th Social Studies
Ashley Tyson                                      Instructional Support
Heather Williams                                7th Math/Pre-Algebra
Megan Wilford                                    5th Science/Social Studies
Debra Wilson                                     5th Math/Social Studies
Dillon Worley                                     Band

CAFETERIA STAFF                                               CUSTODIAN STAFF
Martha Burgess, Manager                                          Clint Sasser
Tracy Rogers, Assistant Manager                                Towanda Coleman
Tammy Copeland
Paige Ellis
Amanda Whitten

Athletic Director                                            Chris Dickey
Greek House Advisory Team                          Kristi Meeks
BETA Club                                                   Chasity Dee/Angie Stephens
Book Club                                                   Katie Johnson
Cheerleader                                                Paige Strickland
FBLA                                                          Chris Dickey
Fellowship of Christian Athletes                     Sterling Driver
Majorettes                                                  Chasity Dee
Pep Club                                                    Amanda King
Science Club                                               Sterling Driver
Student Council Association                          Kay Bellino
Yearbook                                                    Paige Strickland


English                                                          Angie Stephens
Math                                                             Chasity Dee
Social Studies                                                 Dimetrio Tyosn
Science                                                          Sterling Driver
Special Services                                              Lisa Holloway
Athletics                                                         Jessica Boutwell


Spelling Bee                                                    Angie Stephens/Kristi Meeks
Greek Games                                                  Jessica Boutwell/Robbi Ross
Awards Day                                                      Sharon Spurlin/Alicia Kroher
Eighth Grade Recognition                                   All 8th Grade Teachers
American Education Week                                 SCA
Black History Month Program                             All Social Studies Teachers
Career Day                                                     Kristi Meeks
4th Grade Orientation                                       Sharon Spurlin/Alicia Kroher